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What is technology? Technology has come from two Greek words techne meaning “art, skill and craft” and logos meaning “speak of”. Technology is application of the scientific knowledge to design, create and develop tools for industrial, commercial and for better lifestyle. It is used in our daily life to solve our problems and make a better living, with the industrial revolution technology has reached much higher level. Engineering is studying and designing new technologies. Some of the technology developments are industrialisation, communication, internet, automobile etc. Early examples of technology are fire, wheel, clothing, etc. The new revolution is mobile technology which has enabled us to use whatsapp and can update the best whatsapp status.Technology, technology benifits, advantages of technology

What are the types of technology?

There are many types of technology, we can go one by one.

Green technology: the utmost needed for the hour, global warming will make this place inhabitable and hence the United Nations Climate Change Conference (UNCCC), the Lima Climate Change Conference this is the 20th yearly session of the conference of parties (COP) to the 1922 United Nation Framework Convention On Climate Change (UNCCCC), having negotiation on reducing the greenhouse gas emission to limit the global temperature to increase by 2 degree Celsius above the current level. Green technology is using renewable sources like solar, wind, tidal energy to produce energy environment friendly.

Communication technology:  has brought revolution. Communication is used to transfer information via mobile, media, computer, email, text messages, etc. communication technology has made it easy to access people virtually, taking few seconds to exchange information, ideas, news, where about etc.

Construction technology: there are sky scrapers, buildings, complexes, malls developed with the help of this technology. Construction has reached to high limits and days’ work is completed within few hours. Heavy machinery is used to construct building. Both the commercial and the residential building techniques are improved.

Assistive technology: is used to provide assistance to the disabled people. Assistive is providing assistance to the people who are impaired in speech, hearing and moving. Technology gives them great assistance as speech recognition system, hearing tool, rolling chair are very easy to handle and requires minimum effort. This has greatly helped them.

Medical technology: it is used in diagnosis, scanning, endoscopy etc. Helps the doctor to identify the disease and cure them properly without any misinterpretation which may cause a life, so this has increased life expectancy is some way and led to a healthy life. It has become easy to diagnose any injury like knee, head with the MRI and take the correct measures.

Entertainment technology: needed one with the lot of stress entertainment is a great sigh of relief and with the advancement we can see a new set of instruments which can produce melodious music. It has also become easy to design a tune with the instruments. Technology is used to build theatres, video, sound.

Information technology: all about the information management. The hardware and the software used to maintain the information is information technology. Software’s are developed to make a work easy, manage things, and what not. Today everything runs on software from small appliances to large one, no machine can run without software like the oven, washing machine, TV, fridge, computer etc. Banks, companies, hospital all maintain their records using software, and it has become easy to work with the comfortable and easy to use user interface and serving the purpose of technology.

Education technology: improving the education system by e-classes, video lectures etc. Helps in training, research, design, and implementation. Student’s interaction will improve their skills. Materials are easily available over the internet and the doubts sessions will help the students clarify their doubts and understand the subject. It promotes individual learning in a student.

Business technology: helped businessmen to track their customers needs, demands and provide them customer friendly environment and finally increasing their business. Marketing tools and strategies are developed to target the audience and build their business. Technology provides with the hardware and software tools. Small businesses has emerged as dominator using the technology where they can plan their business strategies, track their growth, and work on the ills of the company.

Defence technology: defence technology where the country is developing its defence technology for its security. Peace is must for a conducive atmosphere but without defence technology a country cannot maintain peace and security. Defence technology where the arms and ammunition is maintained by the country for security. Helicopters, submarines, guns, missiles etc. are developed. Using this technology for war is not healthy.

Advantage of technology

  1. It improves efficiency
  2. Increases in production
  3. Saves time
  4. Solves problem
  5. Accessible communication
  6. Cost efficiency

Disadvantages of technology

  1. Increases dependencies
  2. Laziness
  3. Less value to human workers

Difference between science and technology?

There is fine line between them, science is discovering new facts, studying the causes, studying nature and explaining the facts.

Technology solves the daily problem by using the scientific knowledge but It not only results from the scientific knowledge but also from mathematical, and historical knowledge etc. Technology is very often a consequence of scientific knowledge.

Example: science has discovered that energy is never lost, it changes its forms and how the chemical energy is converted to mechanical energy and this knowledge is used to develop automobile technology.

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learningLearning starts from the time we begin our journey in this world, right form the new born  to old age people learn new things, hold on, what is learning?

From the definition learning is acquisition of knowledge or skill through study, experience, observing or by being taught.

Learning has become the part of our life, I consider it be the essential one. Some things we don’t need to learn it is inbuilt like we don’t need to learn what is right or wrong our conscious will answers that for us, let’s take an example if someone is thinking to steal your conscience will tell us that we are in a wrong direction but there are many things which ought to be learnt. A new born will start learning to walk, talk and what not and the learning process has begun in the baby, then the next step is to go to school where it’s taught how to interact with people, learn about the nature, law of nature, great discoveries by great people. Learning is fun process, where you get to know new things and change accordingly.

A quote by Mahatma Gandhi

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”

Many people read the facts and there is no thinking process in them, learning is not just to know the facts and figures but the actual part of learning is when the person starts thinking over it. Children go to school to learn but the actual learning is not knowing the facts but thinking new ideas, perceiving knowledge through all senses, and use the learnt knowledge to create something innovative, interpret the learnt thing in their own way, grasp the subject, but todays teaching system lacks this, children are only fed with the facts but creativity is lacking in them.

Albert Einstein’s quote

“Any fool can know. The point is to understand”

Learning is not just limited to humans but animals, machines also learn. Machine learning is for computers where they learn by artificial intelligence. What is artificial intelligence? The tasks which require human intelligence are performed by the computer system through the process of development and by theory. The tasks like decision making, speech recognition etc. Coming out of the world of machines to humans, learning never has an end there is plenty in this world which is to be learnt and which is yet to be discovered.

Keep learning and discover the new you with every new learning.